Fils de Pømme Australia is a small business with the dream of bringing high quality, forward thinking brands to the Australian market. Every product is personally selected based on taste, sustainability and the nature of the people that created them. 

Fils de Pomme Australia began in 2017 after a very productive trip to Paris. It was then that the decision was made to start importing France’s highest-quality, up and coming cider brand. A business deal built on the base of a strong friendship between founders.

Since 2019, Fils de Pomme Australia expanded into French wines and craft beers. There are now a plethora of different French and Australian wines and craft beers. Brands now include:

Wines of France

Maison Marigny – ‘Buddy’ Range – Pays d’Oc & ‘Fragrance’ Range – Cote Rotie, Vacqueryas & Crozes Hermitage

Chateau Maucoil – Cote du Rhone & Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Vieil Armand – Alsace

Simone Tremblay – Chablis, Bourgogne

Chateau Eugenie – Cahors

Louis Barthélémy & Jean Paul Deville – Champagne

Henri Champliau Cremant – Bourgogne

Complices des Loire – Loire Valley

Le Seigneurie – Provence

Domaine de Saint Romble – Sancerre

Gaspard de Lalune & Chateau Deville – Bordeaux

Beers of France

Brasserie La Parisienne – Paris

Biere Montmorillon – Montmorillon

Brasserie La Superbe – Anglet (Biarritz)

LBF – La Biere Fondamentale

Wines of Australia

New Era Vineyard – Adelaide Hills, South Australia

George’s Folly – Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Hey Diddle – Barossa Valley, South Australia

Mobo Vino – Victoria (new arrival)

Beers of Australia

Seeker Brewing – Wollongong, NSW

Kerb Side Brewing – Redfern, NSW

Cocktail Mixers

Listo Margarita Mix – Clovelly, NSW

Primarily based in Sydney’s east, we now work with some of Sydney’s finest establishments and our favourite french markets. Check out our stockists and share the love pages for information.